8°13'25" South 124°30'20" East

Deep, apart from shelving edges of the bay, which were mostly not coral. Good holding. Bottom quality unknown. The wind, in late August, blew up the long bay (from SW) from 10am - 4pm but didn't enter this indented area as much as the town anchorage. No wind at night. Water springs at the head of the small bay; take advantage of easy access with dinghy to do laundry next to the local women. Superb internet/phone reception here as mast is right next to anchorage. Access to shore at all states of tide. Tie dinghy to wall by houses and walk through to get to the road.

Locals exceptionally friendly and helpful here. Turn right at road to walk to town (about 20 minutes) or wait for a bemo to pass. Town has a full range of shops selling all the usual basics, plus a small air conditioned supermarket but with very few western products. There is a small market in the centre but a larger one further out (ask for Pasar Kaduela on the bemo). There are several small cafes in town and a western style one (with equivalent prices) near the large market. Banks with ATMS. You can get fuel here but they have limited supplies; if you order too much then the local people go short. -


General Information
Anchorage Name Alor Regency
Anchorage Location City of Kalabahi
Anchorage Capacity +100
Anchorage Status Stopping point
Bottom Sand
Depth 10 - 20 M
Nature Bay
Swell Fair
Winds -
Official Availability
Custom No
Immigration No
Quarantine Yes
Harbor Master Yes
Supply Availability
Gas Yes Solar & Petrol
LPG Gas Yes Please check your tank's noozle
Bank and ATM Yes
Market Yes
Supermarket No
Internet Yes
Accesibility Support
Airport Domestic
Sea Port Domestic
Land Transport Yes
Emergency and Safety
Hospital Yes +62 386 21666
Police Yes +62 386 21750
Fire Dept No

The Beauty of Alor

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