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LABUHA is the capital city of South Halmahera regency and located in BACAN island, used to be a Copra port in the city built by Dutch during the trading period of VOC. Now the jetty have been rebuilt and using concrete structure and used for sea transportation among surrounding island. Labuha is the biggest city in South Halmahera but as not as bog as Ternate. This regency has more than 100 little islands.

For your anchorage conveniency and safety please mind the weather, during the rainy season - August -February this anchorage is not really recommended but you can go to the small islands in the surrounding area where it safe from current and wind. In the calm season the anchorage is very safe and flat.


General Information
Name of The City Labuha City
Anchorage Capacity -
Bottom -
Depth 10 - 20 M
Nature -
Swell -
Winds -
Official Availability
Custom -
Immigration -
Quarantine -
Harbor Master -
Supply Availability
Gasoline/Solar Yes
Bank and ATM No
Internet Yes
Clean Water Yes
Drinking Water Yes
CIQP Office Yes
Hotel and Restaurant Yes
Accesibility Support
Airport -
Sea Port No
Land Transport -
Emergency and Safety
Hospital No
Police No
Fire Dept No
Interesting Places Diving and snorkeling is around the Small Islands, white sandy beach and tropical forest
Caution Get guidance before you exploring

The Beauty of Labuha

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