2°3'5" North 128°17'27" East

MOROTAI ISLAND is located in the North Mollucca Province, stated as a sub region - the name of Morotai have been known to the world since the Pacific War or World War II. There are many story told about the brave and the coward among the people in Morotai, the memory of World War II seems neve to be banish in the life of the Morotai people.

You ctill can get back to the year of '45 when you are entering this sub regency, the ruin of the World War II are still scaterred all over the place, in land or by the bottom of the sea. Beside the story told - Morotai over you with beautiful scenery, beautiful small islands and of course under water paradise. The people are nica, the city of Deruba where you can anchore your boat is a nice little town that you can ecplore by foot.


General Information
Name of The City Deruba
Anchorage Capacity 50 boats
Bottom -
Depth 10 - 20 M
Nature -
Swell -
Winds -
Official Availability
Custom -
Immigration -
Quarantine -
Harbor Master -
Supply Availability
Gasoline/Solar Yes
Bank and ATM Yes
Internet Yes
Clean Water Yes
Drinking Water Yes
CIQP Office only Port - Harbour Master
Hotel and Restaurant Yes
Accesibility Support
Airport Domestic
Sea Port No
Land Transport -
Emergency and Safety
Hospital -
Police -
Fire Dept -
Interesting Places Under water World War Museum
Hill 49, Zum Zum Island, Airfield 7
Dodola Island, Culture, Waterfall
Caution Get guidance before you exploring

The Beauty of Morotai

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