2°3'5" North 128°17'27" East

TERNATE used to be the capital city of North Mollucca Province after few years ago the local government move the capital city to Sofifi, anyhow Ternate is still the biggest and the most facilitated city in North Molucca Province until today. Super market and 5 stars hotel have also been built in the city.

So along your sailing in North Mollucca, this is the place that you can mostly get your supply, cheese, nice coffee, pizza and of course your needs of spare part if needed. Ternate is also a nice and interesting city, the downtown is only acouple hundred meters from the anchorage. In and around the city you will find old fortress build by Portuegeese and Dutch and the Gamalama Mountain is right in front of you - Ternate is a vulcanic island.


General Information
Name of The City Pelabuhan Resident
Anchorage Capacity 50 boats
Bottom -
Depth 10 - 20 M
Nature -
Swell -
Winds -
Official Availability
Custom -
Immigration -
Quarantine -
Harbor Master -
Supply Availability
Gasoline/Solar Yes
Bank and ATM Yes
Internet Yes
Clean Water Yes
Drinking Water Yes
CIQP Office Yes
Hotel and Restaurant Yes
Accesibility Support
Airport Domestic
Sea Port -
Land Transport -
Emergency and Safety
Hospital -
Police -
Fire Dept -
Interesting Places Mount Gamalama. Lake Tolire, 
Down Town, Fortess, Diving, Sultan
Ternate Palace.
Caution Get guidance before you exploring

The Beauty of Ternate

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