Togean Islands

0°24'6" South 121°52'9" East

TOGEAN ISLANDS, is a group of beautiful small islands located at the the northern bay of Sulawesi Island, this area have been famous for diving activities because of its beautiful under water sea scape. Today togean island have also been famous for foreigner from Europe and USA among other neighbouring countries.

The facilities in the islands are very basic, electiricy run only during the night. For sailing yachts this are could be an interesting place to be visitied, there are many beautiful, safe and clean lagoons and you can also visit the traditional Bajo Villages. We recomend that you make WAKAI as base station - a starting point to go around. Another interesting places, waterfall, salt water lake, enchanting landscape and sea scape, clean water, dive and of course cruising the islands.


General Information
Name of The City Wakai
Anchorage Capacity 50 boats
Bottom -
Depth 10 - 20 M
Nature -
Swell -
Winds -
Official Availability
Custom -
Immigration -
Quarantine -
Harbor Master -
Supply Availability
Gasoline/Solar Yes
Bank and ATM No
Internet No
Clean Water Yes
Drinking Water Yes
CIQP Office No - Harbour Master
Hotel and Restaurant Yes
Accesibility Support
Airport No
Sea Port -
Land Transport -
Emergency and Safety
Hospital -
Police -
Fire Dept -
Interesting Places Traditional Bajo Village, Salt Water 
Lake, Waterfall, Endemic Bird (Horn-bill), beautiful seascape.
Caution Get guidance before you exploring

The Beauty of Togean Islands

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