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Wakatobi National Park is made up of four main islands; Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia and Binongko  - hence creating “WAKATOBI”.

Of the four islands, Wangi Wangi is the busiest – with plenty of restaurants, hotels and ATM as well as an airport with flights to Makassar and other parts of Indonesia. Kaledupa island is the most fertile – surrounded by mangrove forests, palm trees as well as incense wood. A lot more underdeveloped than Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa is relaxed with long empty beaches and offshore coral reefs. Tomia island is inhabited by the local Kawati tribe, and can be circled in a day via the single ring road. Binongko is an island of rocky hills, steep cliffs and beautiful beaches once famous for its blacksmiths.

Wakatobi boasts some of the most pristine reefs and wall diving in the world.  While diving in wakatobi, expect to see colourful reef fish and rare and unusual “critters”. More known for its macro life than to see big fish, Wakatobi is a delight for all who would love to see pygmy seahorse, colourful nudibranchs and a whole bunch of ghost pipefish.


General Information
Anchorage Name Wakatobi Regency
Anchorage Location City of Wanci
Anchorage Capacity +70
Anchorage Status Stopping point
Bottom Sand
Depth 10 - 20 M
Nature Bay
Swell Fair
Winds Good around the year
Official Availability
Custom No
Immigration No
Quarantine Yes
Harbor Master Yes
Supply Availability
Gas Solar & Petrol
LPG Gas Please check your tank's nozzle
Bank and ATM Yes
Market Yes
Supermarket No
Internet Yes
Accesibility Support
Airport Domestic
Sea Port Domestic
Land Transport Yes
Emergency and Safety
Hospital Yes
Police Yes
Fire Dept Yes

The Beauty of Wakatobi

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